All stand up comedians are scared before performing gigs. When you start off your career in stand up comedy, you must prepare yourself to face any uneasy or awkward situation. In the beginning, things do not seem to go your way. You might get to do small shows with tiny audiences. The people might not know your name or your name might be announced incorrectly. There are times when the mike stops working or you are informed the very last moment that you time duration has been reduced. As a consequence, you might find yourself in a complete mess, not knowing how to give laughter packed performance with the mike not running properly or how to resize your act to fit in the rescheduled time given to you for your act.  All this is a part of your experience as a beginner.

These experiences actually make you strong and confident. It is all a part of the learning process. No matter how well prepared you are before your act, you always do feel goose bumps. As soon as you get your first laugh when you are on the stage, all the nervousness disappears. You can feel the confidence restored within you.

In stand up, you actually do not get time to make an analysis of the audience and develop a relation with them. You have short time and you have to keep on firing hilarious jokes to make sure you do not lose the attention of the crowd. You have to be high with the pace and rhythm. You do not have time for long explanations and background descriptions; you must crack brief and powerful jokes and punchlines to get maximum laughs during the limited time allotted to you for your act.

One of the things that make stand up comedy different is the fact that unlike other forms of comedy which usually have a writing team to deal with the comedy script; stand up comedians have to write their own comedy script. Therefore it requires a lot more research than any other form of comedy for the purpose of writing. Watching stand up comedy videos can help you come up with good ideas for your comedy script.

There comes a point when the audience is literally craving for more of your words to come out of your mouth so they get a chance to roll into good laughter once again. That is the success of a stand up comedian. It is the point where you have completed your mission and fulfilled your aim to a great extent.

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